Sunday, 8 April 2012

Somali Leaders with Dual Nationality- A question rarely raised in Somalia, is the one whereby top political positions are filled by Somalis with dual nationality. Currently the case in NW Somalia- Silaanyo, North East Somalia- Faroole and the PM of the weak western aligned TFG. They have British, Australian and American nationality, whilst at the same time filling sensitive positions. The question all Somalis should be asking themselves, is how have they allowed Leaders, who's loyalty and close economic, intelligence, military, political ties work in tandem with Addis Ababa, Brussels, London and Washington to continue the status quo in Somalia. It further proves the point that these Leaders are nothing but Western backed stooges hell bent on serving their masters in Addis Ababa, Brussels, London and Washington. Somalis should in the future stipulate in any constitution that dual nationality be prohibited and that only A Leader with Somali nationality can fill top positions in the military and political spheres.

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