Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Dramatic U Turn by the Silent Cry Campaigners in the Heart of Somalia
As part an agreement with the TPLF stooges based in Jig-Jiga, heart of Somalia. The silent cry campaigners have accepted thousands of dollars to side with the illegitimate representatives of the Somali people in the heart of Somalia. They have made a dramatic u turn in regards to their campaign to highlight the gross human rights violations committed against anyone who dares to criticise the political elite and stooges of Meles Zenawi and his blood hungry TPLF and Somali allies in Jig-Jiga. It is high time for the campaign to isolate Meles Zenawi, his cohorts, who are welcomed in Western capitals as heroes of Africa to be further isolated, with attempts to arrest them if they return to Europe or North America by obtaining arrest warrants in courts for their continued and previous debacles in Somalia and the heart of occupied western Somalia by meddling in the affairs of the Afar, Oromo and Somali people and the affairs of numerous ethnic groups in the Horn of Africa. The unsustainable project to grab the natural resources and exploit them in any means necessary, is an absolute disregard for accountability and justice. The TPLF and the numerous traitors in the Horn of Africa who work for Imperialism and neo colonialism time will end sooner rather than later. They  have been doing the bidding for the Imperialist and neo colonial designs to exploit and subjugate the Afars, Oromos and Somalis in the Horn of Africa through the killings of thousands of Afars, Oromos and Somalis who demand basic freedoms, respect for human rights, self determination and equal development within their respective regions.  With the full backing of Brussels, London and Washington the impasse that is the Horn of Africa will continue to haunt the conscience of all peace loving people around the world, who yearn and want stability for one of the most unstable regions of Africa.

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