Saturday, 31 March 2012

Arms and Jihad legitimate in fighting foreign occupation and subjugation in all Somali inhabited lands. It is lawful and legitimate under International Law for Somalis to resist foreign invasion through arms. The immedate removal of the following Western backed stooges Faroole, Sharif, Silaanyo by any means necessary is paramount to end the foreign inspired, neo colonial designs on Somali inhabited regions. Al Shabab are the only group fighting a continued occupation of Somalia. It is high time Somalis rally round any group which defies the neo colonial conspiracy to subjugate the Somali inhabited lands into corrupt cantons incapable of defending their land borders. This situation will hit a dead end as we have witnessed by the grace Allah the peaceful removal of Western backed stooges in the Arab world. Africa and the Islamic world will rise and fight the neo colonial obsession with war, the blood of Muslims and propping of ineffective secular leaders who are hell bent on serving their foreign clients.

Midab Gumaysiga usub diida- Reject the Colour of Neo- Colonialism A message to all Somalis:

Midab Gumyasiga usub Diida- Reject the Colour of Neo Colonialism: A call to Somalis in Somalia and Somali inhabited Regions in the Horn of Africa

In the post 1991 Somalia, our country descended into clan warfare, civil war, the imposition of governments not directly elected Somali people and the emergence of competing weak regional states spurred on by outside powers in the past two year to three years. The need to stabilise, unify and build a strong state can only succeed when Somalis take ownership of their problems and utilise their means of conflict resolution.

Reject the colour of neo colonialism to which Somalia and their respective leaders are shackled to today. The dire economic, political and social lot of all Somali inhabited regions in the Horn of Africa has led to no accountability, the abuse of power, corruption, little or no development of services, flagrant human rights abuse, colluding with our common enemies and continuation of instability in the region.

In Djibouti, the current Government in Djibouti city assists the interests of foreign powers in their alleged pursuit of Al Qaeda members in Somalia and Yemen. The monetary gain for the political elite in Djibouti far outweighs the need to uphold human rights, the surrendering of Responsibility and Sovereignty vis a vis defence and security of the country to France and the United States.
Today the society is divided along clan lines, Afar vs Somali and pro Francophone to Somali speaking proponents. It has also exacerbated poverty, opposition to the government and a widening gap between the Political elite and citizens on the margins of Djiboutian society. The hundreds of millions of Dollars the Djiboutian government banks as payment for the use of military bases and the continuation of a delicate situation which can change if threats do become reality. It has not trickled down to the slums of Djibouti city nor to the towns and villages outside of the capital

Reject the colour neo colonialism, a direct appeal to the civil society intelligentsia, opposition parties, Diaspora and religious leaders of real conviction. The continuation of French rule in Djibouti is strongly evident today. The blood and struggle of Mahmoud Harbi Farah and others have been flushed down the sewers of Djibouti city to continue French rule by proxy. The struggle must be peaceful. The political cliques are out of touch with the people. Djiboutians must fight the scourge that is holding back their country and expel the self interested and unwanted powers in their country.

Reject the colour of neo colonialism to our brothers and sisters in the Somali inhabited region annexed and given to Ethiopia by the British. The central government in Addis Ababa calls the shots in Jig-Jiga. Meles Zenawi dictates, divides and enforces a scorched earth policy against opponents. A client relationship with the authorities in Jig-Jiga which follows to the letter directives, orders, policy, threats and language which come directly from the upper echelons of the Ethiopian government. A likeable rogue, lauded and welcomed in Europe and North America, Meles Zenawi continues to gamble with his political career.

Somalis in the annexed and occupied Somali region, which has nothing in common with other Ethiopians should rise up and fight injustice in their ranks. Fight peacefully for what is yours, your land, your livelihoods, your honour, the honour of your women and faith Islam. Do you not realise if you unite under one banner the TPLF subjugation would end tomorrow. Your enemies exploit your tribal differences, to pit one clan against, one kin against another and brother against father and so on. Until the day comes when the likes of the stooges like Ilay and his Zenawi worshipping crooks run away and are chased away to Addis Ababa. The clique in Jig-Jiga has sold their conscience, dignity and ethics for pittance.

Reject the colour of neo colonialism to our brothers and sisters in the Northern Frontier District. The forceful nature of you joining a Kenyan nation to which you have no blood ties, underlines the need to renew the struggle against the Somali marginalization in Kenya. The need to demand development, equality, law, order and self determination to realise your full potential could never be greater.

The Northern Frontier District inhabitants should demand accountability, better services, rule of law now before it is too late. Somalis of the NFD are one of the most entrepuneurial and successful but Kenya continues to discriminate against Somalis.

Reject the colours of neo colonialism to our brothers and sisters in Puntland, Somaliland and all other emerging states being drawn up in foreign capitals. As demonstrated by the recent London conference on Somalia. Our leaders have endorsed to the detriment of their people the continued political impasse in Somalia. A total break and removal of these stooges is the only solution in gaining stability. Somalia can function, reconcile, succeed and build trust amongst the Somali people on their own conditions and terms. The next step would be the immediate removal of Burundian, Djiboutian, Ethiopian, Kenyan and Ugandan soldiers from Somali soil through armed struggle and support  groups which are fighting for Somali dignity, Islam and Somali nationalist interests.

Does the world not see that Somalis are an occupied people? It is occupied by foreign armies to fight a battle which the west is unwilling to undertake. A first step in solving the Somali malaise would allay any rambling from Al Shabab. And the next step, God willing is for all Somalis to debate, discuss, reconcile and form a broad based government free from the discriminatory 4.5 tribal system. The eventual steps needed to get Somalia back on it’s feet, protect their borders from invading armies hell bent on maintaining and sustaining the interests of their overlords in Brussels, London and Washington.

Mubarak Ahmed Salah

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