Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rejectors of Somalia and Somali unity continued forays and aggression against Khaatumo State of Somalia- Once again under Silaanyo- the Ethiopian and Western backed stooge,  continues his naked aggression and occupation of land which does not belong to his clique/rejectors of Somalinimo and advocates of Somalidiid policy supported by Meles Zenawi and his alliance/cohorts based in Brussels, London and Washington. The rejectors of Somalia and Somali unity- Somaliland against Khaatumo State of Somalia will be expelled and taught a lesson a lasting lesson, God Willing. Allah grants victory to the oppressed when injustice becomes normal practice by the oppressor, history demonstrates and supports this theory.
 Reuters coverage of the current skirmish in Cayn and Sool regions of Khaatumo State of Somalia:

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